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4.5K Resolution


We work with RedOne MX

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Sony Alpha A7RII


We work with sony 4K mirrorless camera


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From concept to image, step by step development including draft version of final image, color pallet and retouching.

Camera available: Sony Alpha AR7II 42mpx.

Post: Adobe Light Room / PhotoShop.


From Art to law and medicine, corporate head shots are part of our presentation.  Production includes, 4 hours of studio with professional lighting and Jamaica water no sugar.

I’m not a company, I’m a free lancer!  Art work takes time, the process will be base on how many projects I’m working with and how difficult they are, If you have a project that requires fast turnaround please contact a graphic design company who is prepare to have multiple accounts at once and agents that can give you an amazing customer service.  If you are looking to create some art work that can inspirer your clients using amazing custom made textures, colors, images and layouts, I’m your guy! the studio is not open to the public so please contact me and let’s setup a meet up or let’s chat.


storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images

displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing your Music video, short film or feature!