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Short and Feature film

Story Board

Story Board per page of 6 Shots $20  (Basic black and white Sketch Drawing). 

Script Breakdown

Script breakdown by set $250 and up

script breakdown is an important filmmaking process that allows you to identify all the script elements needed to prep, schedule and budget a film production. By creating a script breakdown, you will determine the technical and creative requirements for each department.

Shot List

Shot list (10 pages script) $375 and up

shot list is a document that lists and describes the shots to be filmed during principal photography.



Short and Feature film


A 12 hours shift is a full day of production, every hour counts.  Base on preproduction (Script breakdown and story board/shot list). Full day, direction of photography (DOP) not including hands on camera (Only directing) $900 (Extra hour $150)  /  Includes Light set Package #1

Full day, direction of photography (DOP) hands on camera $1,200 (Extra hour $225) Includes Light set Package #2


Lighting Set

Package #1: A full set of lights is very useful in and outdoors / Set of 3 ARRI lamps, 2 650w and 1 300w with full set of gels $150 per day

Package #2: A full set of lights is very useful in and outdoors / Set of 3 ARRI lamps, 2 650w and 1 300w with full set of gels + 1 junior 2000w, 1 Filler 1000w, and extra 650w $275 (electric generator required)


An extra hand with experience is always a win win situation. / Gaffer per day $200 ( Require with DOP service)


In case you don’t have a camera!

• Blackmagic 4k camera:

The revolutionary new Blackmagic 4K is the camera you’ve been asking for! With 4096 x 2160 resolution with an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range for true digital film quality and dual native ISO up to 25,600. That means you get incredible low light performance! RAW and ProRes at up to 120 frames per second! The Blackmagic camera can record at up to 60 frames per second in 4K and up to a massive 120 frames per second for windowed HD.

Per day $400 (this is not a rental deal, only with DOP contract)

• 5D Mark II full frame or Sony PMW-F3 super 35mm / 1920 X 1080 

$150 per day

• Lens set:

Includes a 28mm, 50mm, 110mm, 132mm f2.8 lens set / Canon mount for Black magic and Canon 5D $120 per day

• SONY Alpha A7RII Full frame 4K:

Includes 18-105 F4 lens, Zhiyun 3 Axis gimbal and a Rig with matte box and 3 ND filters $500 per day


Phantom 4 (4K footage) $250 per hour

Spark (1920 X 1080) $125 per hour



Short and Feature film


8 hours shift is a full day of post-production, every hour counts.  Base on pre-production and production footage (Script breakdown and story board/shot list). Editing day, not including Music or audio mastering (Only visual narrative and color grading with original audio or provided audio mix product by the producer) $400 per day (Extra or per hour $75). (Editing do not include Development of intros and logo design)


15 sec. Intro 1080p $375 (4k $475) and up / 30 sec. Intro 1080p $500 (4K $700) and up.

Final product will be delivered on 1080p or SHD 422, Formats HD mp4, Mov, and deliverables by clip list and master file. No audio service will be provide. turnaround time will be base on the project and difficulty.  editing will be only done at the studio.

Payment: PayPal, Cash and Money transfer.



PHOTOGRAPHY (This includes Raw photos)


  • 2 hours Pro. $300
  • 4 hours Pro. $550
  • 6 hours Pro. $775
  • 8 hours Pro. $975
  • 10 hours Pro. $1,150
  • 12 hours Pro. $1,300


Photo Retouch. (Soft touch up)  Look your best. Whether you want to remove a blemish, smooth wrinkles or skin, fix red eye and whiten your teeth.  This service do not includes background replacement or mayor graphic design modifications.

  • $15 per photo
  • $100 10 photos
  • 50% deposit is required
  • 25% production day
  • 25% 1st day of post production
  • Cash, Money transfer or PayPal.
  • No refunds
  • After 2 changes an extra fee will be apply.


  • Turnaround time: 
  1. Graphic design 7 to 15 days
  2. Photos 3 to 7 days
  3. Movie products are not set
  • Signature required for approval
  • Traveling expenses (Production out of Chicago)
  • Video: FINAL CUT software
  • Graphic design, Illustration and photo composition
  • File shearing with DropBox, Google drive and external hard drives.


Movie or Artist package include:

  • Business Card $75
  • Flyers 6 X 4 $125
  • Flyers 8 X 11 $200
  • Brochure 8 X 11 $350
  • Poster 11 X 17 $200
  • Logo $500
  • Website Banner $125
  • Thumbnail banner $75

Or all for $1,250